How do you protect your site from hacking?


How do you protect your site from hacking?
- To protect your site from hacking, Gad Mad offers the following tips:

Continuous attention and follow-up to your site, by noticing any unexpected changes, or reviewing it in search engines, and it is also important to make updates to the site periodically to fill any gaps that are discovered.
Backup periodically to keep important data safe.
- Set a strong password for your hosting and control panel data, as weak passwords can be cracked easily.
- Avoid using unfamiliar styles or add-ons.
- Use of SSL protection certificates: It is the abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer, meaning the secure communication layer that connects the site user and the server, and ensures users to protect their data, by encrypting the connection with your site.
- Purchasing your website hosting from a well-known hosting company that has a strong protection system, and this is what Gad Mad provides you with.

- Gad Mad provides a website protection service to ensure that your site is protected from any intrusion. We specialize in providing security consulting, testing and testing services, and providing maximum security for your web applications.

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